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May 24th, 2024  
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Story - The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me!
About the Life Connection Club
Life Connection Club - children with bible

The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me! consist of adventure-filled characters in a chronological progression from Old Testament to the New Testament. The stories are written in a first person narrative to grab your attention and keep you riveted to the lives of these Bible characters. You will see how the Promised One, Jesus Christ, is the answer to all of life‘s needs.

Click Episode 1 below of The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me!, read the Story, complete the Response, click Check Answers, and then you can move to the next episode. (Note: When answers are complete and correct you‘ll be moved to the next episode and those responses will be lost. If you‘d like to save your work, including the short answers in the expandable spaces, make sure to re-write, copy and paste, or take a screenshot before clicking "Check Answers.")

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