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May 24th, 2024  
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Life Connection Music - Bible Story Songs
About the Life Connection Club

Life Connection music consists of 21 songs written and sung by Danny Stephens. Danny is a talented songwriter, singer, and musician with an extensive background in the music world. The music includes nineteen songs about Bible characters, one about the creation story in Genesis, and one on the theme of the ministry. See the song lyrics in the videos at the TV page.

The song about Adam, entitled "All Over the World," was the first one Danny wrote for Life Connection. One line says, "All over the world there's a family tree, made of people like you and people like me. There's a Father's love that He offers free to all people, all over the world."

The "You Song" about the Bible character Jacob is the first song in the series that includes Danny's son accompanying him. The Moses song, entitled "His Power, Not Mine," has some unusual lines mixed in. See if you can name where these lines are from. Danny's kids participate in this one. His oldest son now has his own band, so he's gaining experience as a young musician. The last part is pretty funny. So don't miss this one.

In the song "Day of Discovery" there is a Bible verse that doesn't follow the chronology of Scripture. It's about the life of David and it quotes, "I can do all things through Christ..." Did David of the Old Testament know Jesus Christ? Yes, he looked ahead to the New Testament Messiah by faith. In fact, David was in the ancestral line of the Christ child.

  1. Life Connection
    Follow the Life Connection Team's adventures as they race against time to discover the Bible treasures. You can also join the Life Connection Club. It's time to get plugged in!

  2. The Adventure Begins: Ultimate Friendship
    Who is God? How can I know Him? The Life Connection Team's first adventure explores the story of God, and the truth about what ultimate friendship is.

  3. Adam: All Over the World
    Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, sinned against God. They chose to depend upon themselves instead of upon God. They knew they had made a big mistake, so they tried to hide from God. Though God knew their sin, His love for them was unshaken.

  4. Noah: Lift You Up
    God asked Noah to build a giant boat so that his family and animals of every kind would survive the coming flood. Noah trusted God and built the ark. God kept His promise. Noah's family and all the animals were saved.

  5. Abraham: Abraham
    God promised Abraham more descendants than he could count. But Abraham and his wife were too old to have kids! God wanted them to trust Him for the impossible. God kept His promise and Isaac was born.

  6. Jacob: The You Song
    Jacob acted selfishly and dishonestly toward others. Even so, God worked graciously in Jacob's life to carry on the family line, through which would come the Promised One.

  7. Joseph: Better Than Life
    Though sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph trusted that God's plan for his life was best. He rose from prisoner to second in command of Egypt.

  8. Moses: His Power, Not Mine
    Moses wasn't a confident leader or a great speaker. But God used him to lead the people of Israel out of Egyptian slavery and into a new relationship with Himself.

  9. Joshua: Big, Big Picture
    Joshua, the leader of Israel's army, trusted God to win the battle even though God's plan didn't seem to make any sense. His trust won the day.

  10. Samson: I Am Yours
    God gave Samson super-human strength. Though his life ended tragically, his last heroic act proved that it's never too late to allow God to work through us.

  11. Ruth: Wherever You're Going
    Ruth left behind all she knew to make her new home in Bethlehem. She trusted God to meet all her needs. In this city, her descendants - King David and Jesus Himself - would one day be born.

  12. David: Day of Discovery
    The future king of Israel, though only a boy, faced the giant Goliath in battle. David believed in God's power and protection, and he became the giant-killer God meant for him to be.

  13. Esther: For the Moment
    God raised up a Jewish girl named Esther to be the Queen of Persia. He then used her faith to rescue the Jews from an evil plot, designed by the king's right-hand man to destroy them.

  14. Job: Why?
    God gave Job wealth, land, and a big family. Then God allowed it all to be taken away. But Job chose to continue to trust in God's love. God then gave Job even more than he originally had.

  15. Daniel: Even When the Lions Roar
    Daniel was thrown into a den of lions because he stood up for what he believed about God. But God shut the mouths of the lions and saved Daniel's life.

  16. Jonah: No More Running
    Jonah tried to run from God. At sea, a giant fish swallowed Jonah, and God used this to turn Jonah's mindset back to Him. Then God used Jonah to share His love with many.

  17. John the Baptist: John's Song
    John prepared the way for Jesus by traveling the countryside, baptizing those who repented of their sins, and telling them of the coming Savior, God's Son Jesus.

  18. Mary: Mary, Mother of Jesus
    Though Mary had some questions, her trust in God remained strong, and to her was born the long-awaited Promised One.

  19. Jesus: Jesus, My Friend
    Sin causes a gap between God and us. But faith in Jesus Christ bridges that gap and opens the door to a personal relationship with God the Father, His Son Jesus, and God's Holy Spirit.

  20. Peter: No Matter
    Peter was one of Jesus' best friends. But when Jesus was wrongfully arrested, Peter went along with the crowd and turned his back on Jesus. Peter learned from failure and later was used mightily by God.

  21. Paul: Brand New Me
    Paul went from being a feared enemy of Christians to being the greatest missionary of all time, after Jesus dramatically appeared to him on the road to Damascus.

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