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Life Connection About Us - Adventure Bible Stories
About the Life Connection Club

Thanks for wanting to learn about us! The desire of Life Connection is to lead children and young people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by providing quality ministry resources that help them experience God's love. Our passion is to encourage individuals all over the world.

When Charles "Bud" Cox was thirteen years old, he attended a Billy Graham meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Bud met with an adult mentor at the meeting, who gave him a take-home Bible correspondence course. This was Bud's first exposure to Bible correspondence literature.

The vision for Life Connection International, Inc. began in the 1980's as Bud traveled to more than thirty countries on the international tennis tour. He saw children and young people from various cultures that had little or no access to relevant Bible resources.

After completing a Certificate of Biblical Instruction at Toccoa Falls College in 1989, Bud joined a summer team sponsored by Source of Light Ministries that utilizes Bible correspondence courses. In 1990, Bud completed a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University where he became friends with the executive director of another Bible correspondence course ministry.

That same year, Bud participated in an eight-week Advanced Training course at Grace Ministries International where Bud came to understand how much he is loved and accepted by God. Bud joined Operation Mobilization for one year in 1991. Later, he operated a Source of Light associate Bible correspondence school for his neighborhood from 1996 to 1998.

In 1999, Bud desired to expand this outreach, so he approached the executive director of Eagle Rest Ministries about possibly coming under the umbrella of Eagle Rest. In July 1999, the Board of Directors of Eagle Rest voted to have Life Connection come under their umbrella.

In February 2000, Life Connection International was incorporated as a non-profit organization and later that year it received 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt status. During that same year, a Board of Directors for Life Connection was established to oversee and help maintain our vision. The first written material was developed and distributed in 2000. It consisted of stories about Bible characters.

Thanks for reading about us! Since those early years, the Life Connection Club grew, and our resources have expanded to include video, radio shows that correspond to the written resources, and original songs that communicate the same themes. Life Connection is touching children and young people in many countries.

Now the focus is on translating The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me! storybook and the Facilitator's Guide into many languages. The English storybook was first printed in 2009. It was re-printed in 2014. The Spanish translation was completed and printed in 2012. The Portuguese translation is currently being written. We’re talking with a publisher that wants to take the storybook and the Facilitator's Guide to many countries in Latin America and around the world. It encourages our hearts to hear of changed lives and to know that the vision of Life Connection is being fulfilled.

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