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June 24th, 2024  
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Episode 23: Jesus Christ: My Friend
About the Life Connection Club
the life connection club kids God loves people. He promised to send the Promised One. The people wondered when this promise would be fulfilled. But God always keeps His promises.

God did not create Jesus Christ. Jesus has always been with God. He has no beginning or end. Jesus is God's Son. He came to earth as a human and showed people what God is like. He made a way for all people to be friends again with God.

Now, use your imagination, as we journey back through time to look at the Life Connection Story "Jesus Christ."

Story Jesus
(Story adapted from the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)

This is Jesus Christ's story. He is telling the story as if He is talking to you.

Can someone be a father, son, and teacher at the same time? God is Father, Spirit, and Son (Me). We have always lived together as One God. We have no beginning or end. We spoke the world into being, out of nothing. As part of our forever plan, God the Father sent Me to rescue Our creation. Sin had made a gap between all people and God. I am the Promised One. I am the Bridge over the gap.

God the Spirit placed Me inside a young, unmarried girl named Mary. God is My Father. Mary became my mother as I lived on the earth in my physical body. Mary married a man named Joseph. Joseph became my earthly father. I was completely human and completely God-at the same time! Imagine creating something and then becoming one of your creations! I was born in the town of Bethlehem, and I grew up in the town of Nazareth. I had several sisters and brothers. I became a carpenter, just like my earthly father, Joseph.

When I was about thirty years old, I chose twelve "disciples," which means "learners." They were my closest friends. For three years, I taught My disciples and many other people about God's wonderful kingdom. I used stories to help the people understand. I healed people and raised people from the dead. I loved children and invited them to come to Me. I showed people what God is like.

Many people believed in Me, but the religious leaders thought the Promised One would be an earthly king. They wanted someone to save them from the evil kings and nations. They did not understand that the Promised One came to take away their sins and bring them close to God. They did not understand who I was or believe in Me. Instead, they wanted to kill Me. I wanted to bring them close to Me, but they did not want Me. That made Me very sad.

They arrested Me and put Me on trial for calling Myself God. Soldiers beat Me with a whip and made fun of Me. They made a crown out of thorns and pressed it into my head. I bled a lot. Then they nailed my hands and feet to a wooden cross and hung Me up to die. Only a few of my friends stayed with Me while I died. The others ran away or pretended not to know Me.

Satan, Our enemy, always comes to steal, kill, and destroy God's good things. I came to give people life to the full-the kind of life that Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden. But sin made a gap between all people and God, and no one measured up to God's requirements. The payment for sin is death. When the Israelites sinned, they sacrificed an animal. They had forgiveness-by faith through the Promised Lamb. I am the Promised Lamb-the Perfect Sacrifice for sins. I am the only One who measures up to God's perfect requirements. I never sinned, but I took the blame for everyone's sins-past, present, and future. I took on everyone's payment-death-and made things right between all people and God. It was horrible, but people were worth it.

Three days later, I came back to life so that people could live forever with Us and experience Our joy. I also appeared to my disciples several times. I told them that the Holy Spirit would come live in them. He would do My work through them. Then I went back to heaven. I hoped that people would want a friendship with God. I hoped that people would trust in Me instead of depending upon themselves.

I died for you because I love you. I died so that you could have forgiveness for sins once and for all. You are worth it. I came back to life so that you could live forever with Us and experience Our joy. Are you ready to trust in Me? Are you ready to admit that you can never be good enough on your own? Will you let Me give you My goodness? Will you accept My forgiveness-once and for all-for your sins? Will you let Me give you life to the full? It's a free gift. You can't earn it. Will you invite Me to live in you? God the Father wants you as His child. I want you as My sister or brother. We want to adopt you into Our forever family.


If you are ready to trust in Jesus instead of yourself, then pray these words to Him:

Jesus, I love You. Thank You for coming to earth. Thank You for dying for me and taking the blame for my sins. Thank You for coming back to life so that I could live with You forever. I know that I can never be good enough on my own. I want to trust in You instead of myself. Please come live inside me. I want to be God's adopted child.

noah Use the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and the Life Connection Story. They will help you complete your Life Connection Response. Then do the Life Connection Activity.



1. What made a gap between all people and God?
A mountain

2. God sent Jesus Christ to be the Bridge over the gap and bring people close to God. Jesus is the Promised One.

3. Jesus is the only One who measured up to God's perfect requirements. He was the perfect sacrifice for sins.

4. The payment for sin is ____________.
based on your behavior
to sell all of your possessions

5. Jesus never sinned; He ________ .
told others to try hard not to sin
took the blame for everyone's sins-past, present, and future
said that we can be good enough on our own-if we do more good things than bad things

6. Jesus came back to life so people could live forever with Him and experience His joy.

7. Can you be good enough to earn eternal life?
Yes, I can earn my way to heaven.
No, it's a free gift.

8. How can you receive life to the full?
Admit that you can't be good enough on your own.
Trust in Jesus instead of yourself
Accept Jesus' forgiveness--once and for all--for your sins.
Invite Jesus to live inside you.
All of the above

9. Read this verse: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only ... Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish [die] but have . . . life [forever]" (John 3:16).

Write a letter to God about what Jesus did for you.

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