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Life Connection Book - The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me!
About the Life Connection Club
Life Connection Club - children with bible

The Life Connection book of The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me! consist of adventure-filled characters in a chronological progression from Old Testament to the New Testament. In the episodes of Adam, Moses, David, Esther, and Paul (to name a few), you will see how each character has a place in God's unfolding story throughout history.

The stories are awe-inspiring. They will grab your attention and keep you riveted to the lives of these Bible characters through the use of the first person narratives. You will come to understand your true identity through these lessons.

You will also see how the Promised One, Jesus Christ, is the answer to all of life's needs. Realizing our oneness with Christ and that He is our very life is the key to spiritual growth in our relationship with God the Father. Come and experience His life.

Register or log in and complete the "Response" section at the end of each story and the Life Connection Club will send you (via posted mail) a free copy of the book, The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me! You'll never be the same as you encounter God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

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